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Our Gifted Testing Services

As parents, we like to think that our children are ahead of the curve in the classroom and life. However, how many can honestly say that they know they’ve spotted signs or traits of giftedness in their son or daughter? In many instances, classroom teachers are the first to suggest that a child may be gifted because they have a large group of similar age kids to use as a comparison. Without such help, determining if a child is gifted may not be so easy but there are signs you can look for including:

  • Quick learning with little to no instructions needed
  • An ability to recall information quickly and clearly
  • Using grammar and speech advanced for his/her age
  • Preferring problem-solving exercises and puzzles rather than outdoor play
  • Tending to daydream quite often
  • A tendency to ask probing questions

Gifted evaluations involve obtaining a bit of background about your child, getting to know your child so that he or she feels comfortable in the office and then completing an individually administered intelligence test that can take about 45 to 90 minutes. The assessment is followed up by verbal feedback and a written report of the results.

Testing Your Child

While it’s true that many psychologists have the ability to conduct IQ tests to help evaluate whether a child might be eligible for admission into an Academically Gifted Program, we provide a gifted program assessment service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Why Rice Psychology Group?

You may be asking yourself what sets Rice Psychology Group apart from other practices. Here are a few pointers:

  • We offer a greater selection of detailed tests, all of which are accepted by local public and private schools
  • We spend more time with you and your child to accurately determine his/her intellectual strengths and weaknesses
  • We’ll explore several testing options to evaluate which one your child needs
  • The timeframe between scheduling, testing and having the results in hand is shorter compared to most other practices
  • We see many children who are “twice exceptional”, which means that they are gifted but may also have a learning disability or attention disorder. If you have concerns about your child that extend beyond the question of whether he or she is gifted, we are also able to provide continuity of care with our comprehensive evaluations.

With only doctoral-level psychologists overseeing your child’s testing process, you can rest assured in knowing that results will be as accurate as possible. If you feel that your child is gifted and would like to schedule an evaluation, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.