Gifted Children Tampa FL: 3 Tips to Help Your Gifted Students Manage their Stress

Being a young student in today’s world is tough. From living through a pandemic, resisting temptations from social media, and needing to perform well academically – it is clear that students need additional support to cope with stress. However, there is a group of students whose needs are often missed by adults because they seem to be doing perfectly fine... Read More

Tips from a Gifted Child Tampa Psychologist to Foster Children’s Minds as They Question the World

If there is one struggle parents of gifted children know all too well, it's the number of questions they are asked daily. Gifted children can't help but be curious and crave to learn new information. If you had a dollar for every time your child asked you "why," you could hire someone else to answer their questions instead. Our Gifted... Read More

Should My Gifted Child Take Advanced Placement (AP) Classes?

Consider the following story as it relates to this blog’s topic. At the suggestion of his teacher, we had our son tested to check whether he was gifted. The results showed that he has a lot of potential, so we spoke with his guidance counselor and teacher about adjusting his classes. They suggested enrolling him in advanced placement classes once... Read More

A Look at the Signs and Types of Giftedness in Children

As kids develop their personalities and show off more of who they are, some parents may notice something a little different about them. Does your child have a vocabulary uncommonly large or advanced for their age? Do they have a little trouble fitting in with peers, prefer being with older kids or adults, or find schoolwork too easy or particularly... Read More

Gifted Child Test Tampa: Parents, Learn How We Conduct Our Online Gifted Testing!

Every child, including yours, has skills, talents, and interests that make him/her/them unique and special. If you’re reading this, you may be wondering if one of your child’s special attributes is an IQ in the gifted range. Over the past few months, you’ve spent a lot of time with your child thanks to stay-at-home orders. Have you noticed a few... Read More

Asynchronous Development: Understanding an Important Element of Giftedness

Consider the following story as it relates to this topic. When Aiden was identified as being intellectually gifted, my husband and I thought it would be smooth sailing ahead. Not so fast! He started in his school’s Academically Gifted Program (AGP), and while he did well on the academics, he struggled socially and often seemed less mature than his classmates.... Read More

Understanding a Few Problems that Gifted Children Often Deal with in School

Consider the following story as it relates to this topic. Last year, we began the process of identifying Aiden as a “gifted” child. His teachers told us he was acting differently than his peers, spoke in a more advanced manner, and showed a lot of interest in things kids his age usually don’t care for. After he was evaluated, we... Read More

3 Steps that Can Make a Difference in Your Gifted Child’s Life

Consider the following story as it relates to this blog’s topic. My friend, Alice, recently found out that her youngest child, Tyler, is gifted, as in more advanced than his classmates when it comes to learning. My immediate reaction was to congratulate her. However, her response to my excitement took me aback. She looked worried and told me that she... Read More

Tips for Taking Notes Effectively and Constructively in Class

Consider the following story as it relates to this topic. Sarah came home with a note from her teacher saying she’d have to serve a day of detention because she hadn’t been taking notes during class. This is the same teacher who constantly tells me that Sarah is such a bright and gifted student; literally one of her best. I... Read More

A Watchful Eye: Knowing the Characteristics of Giftedness in Children

Consider the following story as it relates to this topic. I think it was early last year when Carlos and I noticed that our little girl was acting in a way I’d never seen before in a six-year old. A few weeks before Christmas, while her two brothers were asking for toys and video games, she asked us for a... Read More