Tips from a Gifted Child Tampa Psychologist to Foster Children’s Minds as They Question the World

Tips to Foster Gifted Children’s Minds as They Question the World

If there is one struggle parents of gifted children know all too well, it’s the number of questions they are asked daily. Gifted children can’t help but be curious and crave to learn new information. If you had a dollar for every time your child asked you “why,” you could hire someone else to answer their questions instead.

Our Gifted Child Tampa Rice Psychology Group knows how frustrating it is to be bombarded with these questions. Fortunately, we’ve put together a few tips you can try the next time your child engages in this type of dialogue.

Acknowledge Their Questions

Even if you are unsure how to respond to your child’s complex questions, the last thing you want to do as their parent is discourage them from asking more. While most kids may hear or see something and quickly move on to the next topic, gifted children can be more sensitive and need clarification before moving on. Instead of dismissing these questions, be mindful of your child’s thought process. Let them know that their questions are valid, engaging and that you’re impressed by the way they think.

Practice Patience and Follow Through

After a long day, you may not be in the right frame of mind to answer your child’s questions. Instead of avoiding the subject or ignoring them, be direct. Let your child know you are more than happy to help them as soon as you’ve had time to unwind. For example, you can incentivize them to do their chores, such as washing dishes, so that they have time to ask their questions. Remember, gifted children have excellent memories, so make sure to honor their request if you try this.

Make a Research List

If your child asks too many questions at once, encourage them to create a list. This way, you can keep track of the questions and turn the discussion into a bonding experience.

Here are some examples of how to make research lists fun:

  • Explore their ideas outside the home.
  • Watch an informative documentary on the subject they are questioning.
  • Pick a night or weekend to sit down and talk about what’s on the list.

You can also research their ideas on the internet; not only does this nurture independent learning, but it opens the conversation on practicing internet safety.

Contact Our Gifted Child Tampa Rice Psychology Group

Learning to react positively to your child’s questions may take time. Once again, we encourage you to engage with your child, don’t dismiss their thoughts, and keep their curiosity alive. If you find these tips don’t work for your family, consider reaching out to Dr. Wendy Rice and our team of child psychologists in Tampa. For more information about our services or to schedule your free, ten-minute consultation, call (813) 969-3878.

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