Beyond Gifted: Our Services

Diagnostic Interviews

Our diagnostic interviews can help you identify the reasons why you are not feeling like yourself, why your child is having difficulties, or why your loved one may be in crisis. Our psychologists will meet with you at our offices in North and South Tampa and will talk to you about your concerns in a relaxed, comfortable environment.
Gifted Child Evaluations | Rice Psychology Group in Tampa

Testing & Assessment

Our testing and assessment services are used to evaluate functioning across a broad range of areas including intelligence, academic abilities, cognitive processing, memory and learning, psychological, behavioral, emotional and social adjustment as well as the impact of trauma. The results help us in planning a customized treatment for you and offer many other benefits. We offer a variety of testing and assessment services to all age groups.


The types of therapy we offer are closely tied to the presenting problems, diagnosis, and developmental level of the client. Rice Psychology Group utilizes cognitive-behavioral, trauma-informed, psychodynamic, supportive, play and social skills approaches in therapy. We treat children, adults and families with a range of difficulties.
Gifted Child Testing | Rice Psychology Group in Tampa

Executive Functioning

If your child has a habit of forgetting assignments and homework or being very disorganized with notes and schoolwork, then he or she may benefit from our executive functioning treatment. Our psychologists can help your child focus and improve their memory, attention and organizational skills with the help of organizational systems, schedules and routines.

More Information

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