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At Rice Psychology Group, our Tampa Florida psychologists specialize in providing comprehensive gifted program assessments. We understand the importance of recognizing and nurturing exceptional talent in children. Our expert team is dedicated to identifying giftedness and providing the necessary guidance to support your child’s educational and personal growth.

Expertise in Gifted Assessments

Our Tampa Florida psychologists are highly skilled in conducting thorough gifted program assessments. We use a variety of standardized tests and observational techniques to accurately identify giftedness in children. Our assessments provide a detailed understanding of your child’s cognitive abilities, helping to place them in programs that match their unique talents.

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Personalized Approach

At Rice Psychology Group, we believe in a personalized approach to gifted assessments. Every child is unique, and our evaluations are tailored to meet the specific needs and strengths of each individual. Our goal is to provide a supportive and insightful assessment process that empowers parents and educators to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Reports

After the assessment, our psychologists provide comprehensive reports that include detailed findings and practical recommendations. These reports are designed to help parents and educators understand the child’s abilities and to plan effectively for their educational journey.

Benefits of Gifted Program Assessments

  • Accurate Identification: Ensure your child’s exceptional abilities are recognized and nurtured.
  • Tailored Education Plans: Develop education plans that match your child’s unique strengths and learning style.
  • Informed Decisions: Make informed decisions about your child’s education with the guidance of expert psychologists.

Customer Testimonials

The best psychology group in Tampa.  If you want excellent treatment and results for your child this is the place you want to be. – Barbara (Facebook)

Why Rice Psychology Group?

You may be asking yourself what sets Rice Psychology Group apart from other practices. Here are a few pointers:

  • We offer a greater selection of detailed tests, all of which are accepted by local public and private schools
  • We spend more time with you and your child to accurately determine his/her intellectual strengths and weaknesses
  • We’ll explore several testing options to evaluate which one your child needs
  • The timeframe between scheduling, testing and having the results in hand is shorter compared to most other practices
  • We see many children who are “twice exceptional”, which means that they are gifted but may also have a learning disability or attention disorder. If you have concerns about your child that extend beyond the question of whether he or she is gifted, we are also able to provide continuity of care with our comprehensive evaluations.

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