“Gifted” Defined in Florida

The following are the State definitions of “Gifted” in Florida:

(1) Gifted. One who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance.

(2) Criteria for eligibility. A student is eligible for special instructional programs for the gifted if the student meets the criteria under paragraph (2)(a) or (b) of this rule.

gifted children(a) The student demonstrates:

  • Need for a special program.
  • A majority of characteristics of gifted students according to a standard scale or checklist, and
  • Superior intellectual development as measured by an intelligence quotient of two (2) standard deviations or more above the mean on an individually administered standardized test of intelligence.

(b) The student is a member of an under-represented group and meets the criteria specified in an approved school district plan for increasing the participation of under-represented groups in programs for gifted students.

1. For the purpose of this rule, under-represented groups are defined as groups:

a. Who are limited English proficient, or

b. Who are from a low socio-economic status family.

(Special Instructional Programs for Students Who Are Gifted – 6A-6.03019)

  • A state mandate with funding for identification and programming exists in gifted education. (Chapter 6A-6.03019 Special Instructional Programs for Students Who Are Gifted)
  • Students may be identified at any time when there is evidence that special services may be required.


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